Welcome to the Minecraft Star Wars Mod by Chiwi Wiki!

This is a wiki that tries to simplify, explain and show more intuitively the "progression system" and all the other features of the Star Wars Mod made by Chiwi for Minecraft 1.14.

The mod is now work in progress, but if you want to help, you can contact with the creator by Twitter.

The mod has the name of the creator to distinguish it from other Star Wars mods for Minecraft, not just because of the ego (mostly for the ego, but not the only reason).

Goals of the mod[edit | edit source]

It was created with the idea of bring to the Star Wars fans what never happened: An open-world videogame based on the franchise. So the project revolves around the dimensions (planets adapted to Minecraft), where you can travel and get the unique resources of each one. On them, there will be structures too, some of them act like dungeons, other like buildings and others are decorative aiming to increase the inmersion.

Regarding the content; planets, mobs, weapons, armors, etc... are mostly from the Canon Disney, covering the Age of the Republic, Age of the Rebelion, Age of Resistance and little details of the High Republic. There are plans to include content from the nine main movies, Rogue One, Solo, The Clone Wars, SW Rebels, The Mandalorian, SW Battlefront, Jedi: Fallen Order, Aftermath trilogy and even from SW Resistance.

Important articles[edit | edit source]

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